Whatever the issue may be with your computer or laptop, we are here to help.

However small or big your problem is, A2Z Repairs is the most professional repair centre in West London and will give you a fast, honest and reliable service.


The data that a business accumulates and maintains is crucial to the running of that business.

And the key business data will be irreplaceable. A secure off-site backup is not a luxury, it is a necessity. We can provide an efficient, secure, on-line backup service.


Is your machine sluggish and slow? Takes ages to start and be ready to use? Do unwanted screens and messages pop-up?

By way of introduction to our services why not take advantage of a free computer health-check?


Award winning robertson technologies provides computer.

support in London's West End. Our approach to IT support in London is rather different from th...


Your home heating system may use a furnace, boiler, electric resistance, hot water baseboard, radiant heat, geothermal or other system. Let's look at various types of heating systems and how to identify and repair them.

PEX stands for cross-linked high density polyethylene and although the material has been in use since the 1970's, it is now fast becoming the piping material of choice in new home construction and even home remodeling projects.

Although you may find PEX in newer homes, there are many more common types of piping material found in homes depending on their age. For example galvanized pipe is commonly found in older homes and copper pipe is found in homes of all ages and of course still in common use today.



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